Transcontinental 1860 (2017)

Currently in-progress, this project is a single channel video installation that incorporates a series of miniature theatrical scrims around the peephole opening, creating a scene through which the video is viewed. The video is an illustration of the route of the transcontinental Pony Express – a long distance communications network that prefigured the telegraph and … Read more Transcontinental 1860 (2017)


My work interrogates the concept of “new media,” questioning the newness of current technological media by working on projects that focus on old media at the moment they were new. Looking backward at the 19th century I find forgotten or obsolete machines and technologies which can cast relevant and surprising new perspectives on our current … Read more Statement

Bio & Contact

Contact Education Current PhD candidate in Film & Digital Media Dept, UC Santa Cruz MFA, San Francisco Art Institute. BA, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK. Exhibitions & Experience 2012 Wormhole Pirates, Proteus Gowanus Gallery, NYC. Follies of the Digital Arcade Solo show at Johansson Projects, Oakland, CA. 2011 PDX Gallery, Portland, OR. Optic … Read more Bio & Contact